Waubonsee Athletic Hall of Fame


Waubonsee Community College honors and remembers the outstanding contributors to the college's athletics’ success both on and off the field. The Waubonsee Athletic Hall of Fame, established in conjunction with the school's 40th Anniversary in 2007, enshrines the athletic heritage that has always been a large part of the Waubonsee community and the community at large. Criteria for induction varies, but includes involvement in sports, dedication to Waubonsee, athletic successes, years at Waubonsee, and contributions to the community or career accomplishments earned after leaving Waubonsee.


Class of 2020
          John Bell
          Maxzine Rossler
          Robin Reder
Class of 2019
          Shaun Neitzel
          Puamuh T. Ghogomu II
 Class of 2018                                                                      
          Cole T. Wright                                                                      
          1990-91 Men's Basketball Team                                                    
Class of 2017                                                                                 
          Joe Berenyi
Class of 2016
          Phillip T. Neal
          Kemp Schanlaber
          Amanda Wolf
Class of 2015
          Omi Acosta
          Scott Walter Kawall
          Alex Rodriguez
Class of 2014
          Jeannine (Hill) Kelley
          Tracy LeSure
          Jamie McNair
          Sara E. Merker
          Scott Miller
Class of 2013
          Mark "Bibs" Klein
          Abby (Ruff) Smith
          Ray Stephens
          Joe Yager
Class of 2012
          Dr. John Avendano
          Tim Buckley
          Stan G. Gress
          Robert H. Stehman
          Jim Teckenbrock
Class of 2011
          David L. Bacon
          Carlos H. Gil
          Graham Hill
          Dr. John J. Swalec
          1975 Baseball Team
Class of 2010
          Dave Hejtmanek
          Sally (Toma) Kempton
          Sharon M. Metzger
          Steve R. Smerz
          Donald Lee Watson
Class of 2009
          Doug Hill
          Jim Ferguson
          Kevin B. Schmidt
          Lance J. Surridge
Class of 2008
          John Dolan
          Eduardo "Eddie" Gil
          John McQuade
Class of 2007
          Harrison "Gus" Harvell
          Larry Lennartz
          Raymond "Ray" Lumpp
          Roger Martinez
          Terry McGinn
          Gary W. Oros
          William "Bill" Prince
          Gary B. Stutzman